• Romantic boudoir decoration Romantic boudoir decoration
  • Tough, sober, country living & industrial vintage Tough, sober, country living & industrial vintage
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  • Chic antiques Chic antiques
  • Dutch glory Dutch glory
  • Botanical brocante trend Botanical brocante trend
  • Religious vintage decoration Religious vintage decoration
  • Retro sixties seventies Retro sixties seventies

Welcome at Old Home Decorations (Ald & Nij Brocante)

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Old (used) and new Brocante home decoration, Vintage, Retro or Antique items to give your home a cosy and nostalgic feeling.
We sell different styles such as romantic boudoir, green botanical items, a natural style, the industrial look or country living!
Make your own unique interior design with our products!

Products that are already on our website for a time, only have a Dutch description. Use a translation site to enable you to translate in your own language. Everything that will be added from now on to our online store will contain an English description. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Note: we send parcels abroad (outside The Netherlands) of 100 x 50 x 50 cm maximum in size and up to 30 kg. If your package is larger or heavier then it is unfortunately not possible to send this to you.

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