Silver shine

Tips for beautiful Silver work. Old silver work shine

Do you also have beautiful silver jewelry, silver cutlery or other silver objects, but they are covered with the well-known black spots? Below are some tips to remove this very easy with products, which everyone knows.

Silver shine with aluminum foil and soda:
You take a container or a glass with warm water and put some aluminum foil in the water. Then put some scoops soda and the silver in the water. You will notice that the water goes effervescence. Wait until this is stopped and remove the silverware out of it. Now wait a little longer and you'll notice that the object is completely clean again.

Other tips:
Sale at your car trade a pot Commander. This is normally used to the chrome and iron parts of a car to shine. Take a polishing cloth and do a little Commander on the cloth. Now you polish the object, that you want to clean and you will be amazed at the result. This also gives a nice gloss over your silver items.

Silver you can also shine with some ash (for example, a cigarette). Do some of the ash on a polishing cloth and rub it well in on the object, that you want to clean. Then you polish the ashes away and the black spots on the silverware are gone. Very simple, costs nothing and works still fine.

You can of course also buy special silver polish at the store and follow the manufacturer's instructions, so that it does not damage your silver. Usually you need a polishing cloth or a sponge and then rubs the silver work well with the silver polish. Then you need to dry the silver with a soft, dry cloth.

One last note:
Not shine, of course, is also an option. A not all-too-shiny silver object is also beautiful and your silver object looks older that way. A bit dof is often more beautiful and fits very well in a vintage interior. Also if you polish silver plated objects too often the silver layer disappears. Less or not shine also saves a lot of work and is giving you more time to enjoy your lovely home.

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