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General terms and conditions of Old Home Decorations (Ald & Nij Brocante)

Please read these terms and conditions before you proceed to ordering, so there will be no ambiguities later on.

Definition of Brocante:

Brocante are products from earlier times that are popular, but do not fall under the heading of antiques (which are products of at least 100 years old). Brocante has a lived character (which makes it attractive for lovers), it has a history. Brocante stands for a warm country style that looks charmingly old.

This means that we have almost no new items in our store. This means that traces of use can often be seen on the articles. This is also the charm of old brocante and for us a reason to often choose old brocante over new. We have the nicer second-hand items and are the better recycle shop.

1. Enter your order:

You can place your order directly in the webshop of Old Home Decorations (Ald & Nij Brocante) or by sending an e-mail to The minimum order amount is 10 euros (excluding shipping and other costs).
We sell unique articles, of which only one piece is often available. Because of this it can happen that someone else is just ahead of you with ordering. If this happens, we will let you know as soon as possible.
If the product is in stock, we will confirm your order by e-mail. You will also receive the invoice for the items you have ordered.
As soon as you have transferred the total amount to the bank account of Ald en Nij Brocante (Old Home Decorations) in case of shipment, your order will be sent.

An ordered item is reserved for you for a maximum of 14 days. If this period has expired, we reserves the right to sell the item(s) in question to another customer. Within these 14 days you can still cancel the order. You can indicate this with an e-mail to or by filling in our contact form. As soon as the item has been sent by us (this is after we have received your payment) you can NOT cancel the order. See point 5. of our conditions for further explanation.

By placing your order, you indicate that you agree with the general terms and conditions of Old Home Decorations (Ald en Nij Brocante). For the consequences of possible text errors, we can not accept any liability.

2. Delivery of your order and prices:

All prices for the offered items and services are exclusive of any delivery and shipping costs etc. Due to the fact that we supply used goods, no VAT is stated on the invoice (legal obligation of the Dutch tax authorities). Our items will be sent by as soon as possible, but no later than within 3 working days after receipt of your payment. The package is offered once at your address by and is then delivered to a post office nearby. Your package will stay here for a maximum of one week, so pick it up as soon as possible to prevent the package from being sent back to us. In that case the cost of resending will be charged to the customer!!! If you decide not to resend the order, we can only reimburse the purchase costs of the items and not the shipping costs already incurred.

After shipment you will receive a track and trace code to follow the package, but unfortunately we can not indicate in advance how long it will take for parcels to be delivered abroad.

Because the shipping costs abroad vary widely, you can contact us by e-mail before you place an order, so that we can inform you about the costs in advance. sends parcels abroad of 100 x 50 x 50 cm maximum in size and up to 23 kg (outside Europe and to countries with the World Rate of, such as Russia, only up to 20 kg). If your package is larger or heavier then it is unfortunately not possible to send this to you.

Orders to be sent are packed by us with care, but the shipping of products is entirely at the risk of the buyer. Old Home Decorations (Ald en Nij Brocante) can not be held liable for any damage sustained during transport or for lost items. In those cases, the customer must personally hold liable for this. If you want, you can choose to send your order insured. The additional costs, which this entails, are then charged to the customer. For letterbox packages it is unfortunately not possible to ship insured!

In case of large or very fragile items, it is advisable to pick up this type of articles yourself in Joure, Friesland, the Netherlands (NO showroom, so only pre-ordered items can be picked up here).

3. Payment terms:

At this moment it is possible to pay in Euros only!!! 

The amount to be paid, must be transferred to the bank account of Ald en Nij Brocante (this is the Dutch name of Old Home Decorations). This will be mentioned on the invoice, which we will e-mail you after receiving your order. An ordered item is reserved for you up to 14 days, so it is advisable to pay the invoice within this period.

For certain countries it is also possible to transfer the amount digitally (I-deal etc.) during the ordering process.

PAY ATTENTION!!! Payment by credit card is ONLY possible from a non-Euro country (countries with a different currency than the EURO)!!! This is generally the easiest and cheapest in comparison with other payment methods. Keep in mind that exchange rates are charged to you by your bank, because payment to us is only possible in Euros.

IF YOU PAY WITH A BANK TRANSFER FROM A NON-EURO COUNTRY YOU ARE OBLIGED TO TRANSFER THE MONEY WITH THE OPTION WORLD PAYMENT "OUR" (in the "cost allocation" field of your bank when transferring the amount). In that case you will pay the exchange rates/costs of the bank!!! If you do not fill in the choice OUR when transferring the amount, you will be charged a high extra fee for your order afterwards, so please ensure that your payment is processed correctly!
When you live in a non-Euro country click here for the Exchange rate to calculate the costs of our products in your own currency. 
If you pick up the item(s) in our showroom, you can also pay in cash or by PIN.

4. Delivery times:

The delivery times stated by Old Home Decorations (Ald en Nij Brocante) are only an indication, which we will always try to keep as close to as possible. Exceeding any delivery period due to force majeure, however, does not give entitlement to compensation.

After shipment you will receive a track and trace code to follow the package, but unfortunately we can not indicate in advance how long it will take for parcels to be delivered abroad.

5. Warranty and applicable law:

Although Old Home Decorations (Ald en Nij Brocante) do its utmost to deliver all items in the best possible condition, we can not be held liable for any form of unforeseen damage to an article after purchase.

Items purchased from us are mostly second-hand, which means that there will be traces of use. We state the condition of the item as accurately as possible on our website. We always give you the opportunity to view the item with us before you purchase it. At your request, we can also email you several photos and/or additional information about the item in advance. You can email this request to

Old Home Decorations (Ald en Nij Brocante) will of course try to solve any unforeseen defects in all reasonableness. When returning an item, you must contact us in advance via email ( or via our contact form on the website, so that we can coordinate this with you. Only if we have delivered an incorrect item, we take the costs of return shipping on us. In any other case, all shipping costs etc. are for the account of the customer. Refunds will be made within 7 days of receipt of such a return.

Dutch law applies to all agreements with Old Home Decorations (Ald en Nij Brocante).

We are not responsible for text, typing or other errors on our website.

6. Copyright:

The photographs and texts on the website of Old Home Decorations (Ald en Nij Brocante) may NOT be used and/or copied by anyone other than Old Home Decorations (Ald en Nij Brocante). Should you still need this, you can submit a request via the contact form. Before you have received any explicit written permission from us on this question, this copyright remains in full force.

7. Privacy Statement:

If you purchase a product from us, you agree to our terms and conditions. With this you give us permission to process your order, with respect for your privacy. This is sufficient as a processor agreement within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). In our Privacy Statement you can read how we handle your privacy carefully.

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